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Who we are?

The architecture studio ATELIER 3M, ltd  was established in 2004 by two authorized architects - Monika Štekláčová and Marián Pokrivčák. In the course of studio performance the team of associates has been formed to create original architectonic works due to its creative, innovative and responsible approach. The constituent part of studio business activity is to design and elaborate projects concerning architecture, urbanism and interiors. 

As a general designer it draws up a complex project preparation design of investment plan in all required legislative stages either urban or building approval procedures  including projects of all related professions through author`s supervision of building under construction up to bringing it into use. It is a commonplace to arrange all processes  required to obtain permissions necessary to put investment plan into practice.

Ing.arch. Marián Pokrivčák
lead architect
Ing.arch. Monika Štekláčová
lead architect
Ing. Dagmara Čeheľová, PhD.
Ing. Adam Dvorják
Ing. Ivana Hatalová
Ing. arch. Zuzana Janušová
Ing. arch. Tatiana Prónay
Ing. Daša Štúňová
Ing. Silvia Urbanovská
Bc. Verena Držíková
Bc. Jakub Jakubáč
Bc. Tatiana Machyňáková
Alena Machovičová